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What Constitutes an “Ideal” Kitchen Design?

What Constitutes an “Ideal” Kitchen Design?

Every year, hundreds, if not thousands, of homeowners opt for kitchen remodeling to make their kitchen a more pleasing and functional environment. Some homeowners know exactly what they want from their kitchen; others are still looking for their “ideal” kitchen design. By taking time to evaluate their current setup and determining their wants and needs, homeowners can get the most from kitchen remodeling. Here are a few ideas to help them get started.


When making improvements to a kitchen, homeowners should consider changes that will simplify their life and make the environment more convenient for work or social gatherings. If the kitchen is too small, homeowners may want to knock down a wall or two to create a more open, welcoming layout.

If there’s a lack of storage space, new cabinetry with built-in compartments or a new food closet could resolve storage issues while enhancing the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. Homeowners can also consider upgrading lighting or replacing outdated kitchen countertops in their San Diego home to bring their kitchen up to par with their personal expectations and needs.


A functional kitchen is a joy to work in as homeowners have everything they need to prepare delicious cuisine. If a kitchen falls short in this area, homeowners should consider what aspects are lacking to suit their needs. Sometimes upgrading appliances such as refrigerator, stove or microwave will suffice to improve function. Replacing old accessories such as an outdated toaster, blender or coffee maker can also make a big difference in a kitchen’s functionality.

Incorporating smart technology such as controlled lighting or energy into a kitchen design will make it a more functional environment. Through the use of smart technology, homeowners can adjust home lighting, regulate temperatures or even change the reading on their thermostat via their smartphone or tablet, both in the house and remotely.


When it comes to kitchen design, homeowners differ in their opinion of what constitutes a great kitchen. Some homeowners value a kitchen’s visual appeal more than convenience in getting things done. In a home where the kitchen is THE hotspot for family or visitor gatherings, an impressive looking kitchen would make it that much more enjoyable for socializing. At the same time, a highly functional, energy efficient kitchen that’s easy to maintain and clean would be more practical for cooking holiday meals or hosting dinner parties for the entire family.

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