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Using Onyx in Your Bathroom

Using Onyx in Your Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is an opportunity for homeowners to let their imagination fly and consider a wide array of new design possibilities. For those looking for a luxurious and beautiful stone to incorporate into their design, Onyx is an unexpected choice that can transform a space.

What It Looks Like

Similar in look and feel to marble, onyx often has a milky and translucent depth to it. The veining and striations in onyx are more frequent than in marble and create a stronger visual impact. The figuring and character found in this stone are what makes it a luxurious and high-impact design feature. The striations can vary in color and depth, which makes onyx a statement piece in any bathroom redesign.  For those that have a color theme in mind, Onyx comes in a wide variety of shades. Popular colors include jade green, pink, miele (a honeyed color), gray, black, vagnilia, extra white, arco iris, and cappuccino.

Variety in Design

For cities like San Diego, the use of onyx in a bathroom remodel is gaining in popularity, and there are a variety of ways to use this unique stone in a redesign. For a huge statement piece in a bathroom, some choose to install slabs of onyx in their tub or shower surround. The monolithic look showcases the variety and visual impact of the stone, and can transform a bathroom into a luxury space. Often people will use two slabs and book match them on the wall to create a mirrored effect with the figuring in the stone. The result is an almost artistic visual found in a natural stone installation. For those that enjoy the look and feel of onyx but are interested in a more understated design, Onyx is also available in tiles. Because the veining in onyx is so diverse, it is always recommended that a dry layout is placed in the bathroom before permanently installing, to get the desired look and pattern. In addition to slabs and tiles, many people choose to use onyx in their decorative tile applications. Due to the variety of color that it comes in, onyx can easily be mixed and matched with other natural stones in a bathroom remodel. For those looking for a dramatic punch of color or added interest, many choose onyx decorative tiles for backsplashes or along the tub or shower.

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