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August 16, 2016
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Unusual Types of Finishes and Embellishments for Granite Countertops

Unusual Types of Finishes and Embellishments for Granite Countertops

Most granite countertops are simple polished granite. These classic, sophisticated countertops increase property values — but that doesn’t mean that they’re the only option. For homeowners looking to install granite countertops in San Diego, there are other types of finishes and embellishments available.

Polished, Rough, and Honed Granite

Polished, rough, and honed granite are the three major finishes. Most people are familiar with polished granite. It’s a glossy, almost glass-like surface that’s very easy to clean and excellent for food preparation. Rough granite is a granite that has a more abrasive finish. It may be steel-brushed or otherwise “antiqued” and it won’t have a high gloss finish. Rough granite can be comparable to a rough slate. It is an excellent choice for more rustic kitchens, though it may be a little more difficult to maintain. Rough granite can also be used outdoors to fantastic effect. Finally, honed granite is granite that is as smooth as polished granite but has a matte appearance rather than a polished one. Honed granite absorbs light rather than reflecting it, giving it a softer appearance.

Etched Granite Patterns

Granite etching can be used to add patterns directly to a countertop. Granite etching is most commonly known for funeral markers. The etching does not have to be deep; a pattern will essentially be placed on the surface of the granite itself. Because these patterns are drawn on, they can be anything that the homeowner desires. Flowers, geometric patterns, and more can make the granite look unique. Etching is often done on backsplashes but it doesn’t harm granite counters themselves.

Tiled Granite Patterns

Tiled granite is increasingly being used as a way to not only reduce the costs of granite countertops but also make a unique statement. Just like floor tiles, granite tiles can be used on a counter surface to create a complete, unique look. Different colors of granite can be used to create patterns, as well as different textures of stone.

There’s a lot that can be done with the traditional granite countertop, especially for those who are mixing different types of granite or who are interested in a unique backsplash or kitchen island. Home renovators may want to take a look at the countertops that their local business owners have to offer before making a decision.

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