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Unique Places to Use Natural Stone: Fireplaces, Backsplashes, Patios, and Pool Decks

Places to use natural stone

No construction material is as durable and as elegant as natural stone. Besides, it’s environment-friendly too. There’s no restriction on the places to use natural stone inside or outside your home because it doesn’t release chemicals or toxins.

Natural stones are formidable construction materials because they’re formed over millions of years under tremendous pressure, under the earth. So, these resilient construction materials are guaranteed to last decades if not centuries. The exquisite limestone pillars of the White House and the majestic travertine Coliseum of the Ancient Romans are just two examples of the durability of natural stone. Natural stones add uniqueness and beauty to your home. And they add value too. Let’s look at the unique places you can use natural stone.

Places to Use Natural Stone #1: Fireplaces

A natural stone fireplace gives your home added style and character. And it comes with minimal maintenance.

Natural stone is the finest choice for an indoor fireplace or an outdoor fire pit. The reason: You can split, stack, carve, cut, tumble, bush hammer, hone, brush, flame, polish, assemble, and arrange it. The result: A stunning fireplace mantel and surround!

Professional artisans can construct a breathtaking natural stone fireplace for you. Whether a fireplace design that’s steeped in tradition appeals to you or an ultra-contemporary design is your preference, there’s a color, texture, and finish to fulfill your taste. Natural stone fireplace designs include countless stone sizes, shapes, types, textures, colors, veining patterns, and finishes.

Each one of these categories offers you dozens of subtle variations. The variations range from the sublime to the sharply contrasting. Since natural stone is unique, no two natural stone fireplaces can be exactly identical. So, your unique fireplace is one of a kind hearth!

Also, a natural stone fireplace retains heat efficiently and provides enhanced architectural interest. Granite is a popular fireplace option because it adds sophistication. A Granite Fireplace is guaranteed to last for decades. And the maintenance is low. Granite’s vast array of patterns, styles, and colors enable you to tailor your fireplace to match the other décor elements in your home.

A Marble Fireplace adds elegance to a conventional, classic room design. It’s possible to choose a marble fireplace from an assortment of distinct styles and colors. However, beige is the current fad. With the right care, a marble fireplace will last a lifetime.

If an inviting appearance for your fireplace mantel is your objective, then nothing can beat Limestone. A Limestone Fireplace is the perfect focal point of your family room. Limestone retains its brand new look for several years.

Places to Use Natural Stone #2: Backsplashes

Places to Use Natural Stone

Backsplashes, although overlooked most often, make a tremendous impact on the most important room in your home: the kitchen. A backsplash in your bathroom makes a good impact as well. In terms of resale value, it’s important that you portray your kitchen and bathrooms in the best light possible. Each detail is big. And backsplashes offer you a remarkable return on investment.

An aesthetically appealing backsplash that’s properly installed transforms a relatively ordinary kitchen into an outstanding one. And it’s same for your bathrooms.

A natural stone backsplash can conform to almost any color pattern or theme. The most appealing attribute of natural stone is its versatility. Travertine, slate, marble, and granite are just some types of natural stone you can choose from. Each of them offers you a different and unique feel. Natural stone backsplashes complement the most popular countertops and vanity tops in the marketplace.

Natural stone presents you two options in backsplashes. The first one is the Slab Backsplash. It’s extremely durable as well as easy to clean. The second option is a Tile Backsplash. It’s cheaper of the two.

The Advantages of a Natural Stone Kitchen and Bathroom Backsplash

The earthly nature of stone makes it a markedly versatile medium. It blends perfectly with virtually any kitchen and bathroom layout and color scheme.

Natural stone is unquestionably the most durable backsplash material available in the market. It’s sturdy and holds up exceptionally well to the daily rigors of kitchen and bathroom activities.

Natural stone comes in an assortment of styles and, hence, can be priced to match just about any budget.

Places to Use Natural Stone #3: Patios

Places to use natural stone
Natural stone patios come in a broad range of textures and colors. Natural stone presents built-in durability. It’s suitable for literally any condition. When picking your stone patio, you should understand that natural stone is the only material that improves over time and lasts for decades. As your natural stone patio ages, it acquires its own distinctive pattern.

You can get creative with your patio. Let your imagination soar! Plot out your patio design carefully with your natural stone installation company. An accurate patio layout will avert errors. You’ll save valuable time and money too. Ensure that every detail is dealt with before the construction begins. You should know precisely how your patio will look beforehand. Only then the completed project will provide satisfaction. Getting your patio right the first time is worth the trouble!

Advantages of a Natural Stone Patio

Longevity: It’s impossible to match the longevity of a natural stone patio. Some types of natural stone patios last for centuries easily. All types of natural stone—when sealed properly—remain unaltered due to extreme weather conditions. For instance, storms and direct sunlight hardly affect natural stone.

Durability: No patio material handles heavy traffic as well as natural stone does. Foot traffic from hordes of friends and family plus the weight of outdoor furniture including kitchen equipment cannot scratch the natural stone surface. Proper installation and premium stone can handle anything.

Design Aspects: Unlike wood that needs to be attached to a sturdy frame and is limited by dimensional lumber specifications, you can fabricate a stone patio into virtually any dimension and size. You can also incorporate curves, ovals, waves, and circles into the design of your patio easily by using natural stones of varied sizes and shapes. The skills of your stone patio contractor matter, though!

Continuity: A stone patio creates a sense of continuity in your home. It links the interior of your home to your yard smoothly. Your stone patio creates the feeling of an outdoor room.

Places to Use Natural Stone #4: Pool Decks

Places to Use Natural Stone
The area immediately surrounding your swimming pool is perhaps one of the most vital areas of your pool. Everyone congregates here while they’re at the poolside. This area defines your pool’s style and personality. There are several natural stones that create superior pool decks. A natural stone pool deck is a matchless companion to sophisticated and tasteful pool settings.

It is imperative, however, that you should treat natural stone with an approved sealer. Only then it can cope with weather changes, hard use, and pool chemicals. You can pick the type of natural stone for your pool deck based on your home’s architectural style.

A natural stone pool deck guarantees your home an unparalleled level of elegance and class. When it’s cared for properly, a natural stone pool deck will last for decades. Now, that’s unlike a concrete pool deck that’ll last for merely a few years. Designing a deck area entirely out of natural stone can be fun. You can reduce the overall maintenance and add a sophisticated appeal.

Knowing the specific stone to use for your pool deck eventually depends on your budget and personal style. Importantly, you should research comprehensively to learn about the special attributes of each type of natural stone. The natural stone material you choose should be able to resist excessive heat absorption. Plus, the material should be easy on bare feet and shouldn’t be slippery when wet. The most popular natural stone pool deck choices today include:

  • Limestone pool deck
  • Coral Stone pool deck
  • Sandstone pool deck
  • Bluestone pool deck
  • Slate pool deck
  • Flagstone pool deck
  • Travertine pool deck
  • Granite pool deck


Aesthetically speaking, natural stone is an excellent choice for unique places such as fireplaces, backsplashes, patios, and pool decks. Natural stone adds texture, scale and color. Whether you’re looking to complement the existing décor or enhance your home’s outdoor areas, the sheer variety that natural stone offers is mind boggling. The countless alternatives make it easy to pick a finish that suits your taste.

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