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Today’s Showers – A Sign of the Times

Today’s Showers – A Sign of the Times

Perhaps, it’s a sign of the death of leisure time that many of those remodeling their bathrooms never once used the bathtub. With no foreseeable change in their lifestyles, they are choosing to eliminate that old behemoth, the tub, and use the space it occupied to install a luxurious shower. And perhaps as another testimony to the fast pace of life, especially in the morning, they are choosing showers large enough to accommodate two, with separate shower heads, either hand held, or stationary, for each.

“Curtains” to the Curtains

Saying good-by to the bathtub also precipitated the death of the shower curtain; and perhaps a preoccupation with privacy as well. No longer are frosted shower doors in vogue, nor the mermaids or swans, that once dominated the scene. Today’s showers are sporting doors of clear glass, frameless and seamless –  if they have doors at all. By taking advantage of the space vacated by the bathtub, it’s possible  to set aside a large wet space, and negate the need for a shower door at all. Along with size, homeowners are also opting for a shower that is open, airy, and light

Windows and Skylights

Lucky is the homeowner whose bathtub was installed beside a window, but if not, and the wall is an exterior one, it’s possible to have a window cut through before putting up the dry wall and installing the shower surround. Another light-adding possibility, in situations where it is feasible, is to have a skylight installed.

Tile and Lighting

The most called for material for a typical bathroom remodel in San Diego is tile. By choosing a neutral monochromatic color scheme and installing recessed lighting in the ceiling above, light will reflect off the tile and project a natural warm light. Other shower surround materials gaining in popularity include glass block, glass tile, subway tile, and stone, both natural and manufactured.


A  luxurious shower need not rule out multi-tasking. Work-a-holics, who install blue-tooth shower speakers in their new enclosure can take phone calls, catch up on podcasts, or listen to the morning news. And for those who need it, there’s nothing like moving to the beat of their favorite music to give them the oomph they need to bring on the day and whatever it will bring. It should go without saying that the speakers should be waterproof and watertight.

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