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Tile Restoration

Kitchen Floor Replacement for a New Look

Are you thinking of replacing your old tile floor to give your kitchen a fresh, new look? A better solution may be tile restoration in San Diego to make your kitchen look new again. If you want to change your floor, tile replacement may be your only option. However, if you love your tile floor and it has become dingy or discolored due to age and traffic in your kitchen, tile restoration will make your floor look like new again. Ceramic tile can become worn over time, absorbing dirt and dust into the surface of the tile and into the surrounding grout. Tile restoration is more than just a surface cleaning. Tile is restored to its natural beauty and brought back to life.

How Does Tile Get Dingy?

Tile can absorb dirt over the years of use especially in a busy room such as a kitchen. Foodstuffs, tracked in dirt, and even daily cleaning solutions can dull or discolor tile. Other issues are the porous nature of grout that is not sealed against moisture. Without regular reapplication of sealants, grout can absorb dirt from spills and dirty water. Standard wear and tear in a kitchen includes daily cleaning, family foot traffic from inside and outside the home and spills from cooking and baking. It is easy to see why the floor can lose luster and brightness over years of use.

Tile Restoration

When you buy or build your home, you select flooring based on style preferences and budget. Replacing the entire floor is costly and can deplete your savings. In addition, it is often difficult to replace just a few tiles from damage or discoloration. Tile restoration can bring back the beauty of the tile you originally picked for your kitchen and make your entire kitchen look fresher and cleaner. A restoration expert will deep clean and remove stains and dirt, educating you on how to keep your floor in top condition going forward. After your tile restoration, your tile expert can also seal your floor to keep it looking great with regular maintenance for years. Why redecorate your entire kitchen because you need to replace your tile? Restore it instead for a beautiful kitchen.

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