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How to Choose a Company for Tile Restoration in San Diego

Tile doesn’t last forever, but replacing it, whether on kitchen or bathroom walls, bedrooms, or floors, can be very pricy. A homeowner who doesn’t want to or can’t afford to shell out that kind of cash may opt for tile restoration in San Diego instead. This process renews the tile to its previous appearance.

The homeowner wants to make sure they find a reputable company that will do good work. Otherwise, they’ll have to pay for new tile anyway, which defeats the purpose. Here’s what to look for when choosing a tile restoration company.

Years in business: How long has this company been doing tile restoration and other similar work? One year? Five? In that case, it’s okay to keep looking. The more experience a company like this has, like maybe 25 to 50+ years, the more comfortable a homeowner should feel hiring this company for the restoration work.

Areas of expertise: Restoring tile is not an easy job or every company would do it. Does the team at this company understand what ages different types of tile, what should be used to restore these, and how long the restored tiles should last? If this isn’t clear by looking at the company’s website, make sure to call and ask to speak to a representative. Get clear answers to these questions.

Pricing: What does this company charge for restoration work? Is it per hour or per job? Are they willing to offer a quote ahead of time so the homeowner can budget and plan financially? Getting work done around the home shouldn’t come with a mystery price tag attached. If the company isn’t willing to provide a quote in writing, keep looking. Otherwise the price on the bill could change once the job is done.

Availability: How close is this restoration company to the house? Are they in San Diego? What’s their availability like? Can they start right away, next week, or next month? Tile restoration may not be an urgent job, but it’s also not one worth waiting on for months and months.

Reviews/recommendations: Finally, what do past customers think of this company? Did they have a positive experience or a negative one? Were the prices fair? Scour the company’s website and social media for real, honest reviews. Look for before-and-after pictures, too, if these are available. Then, once ready, call a tile restoration company in San Diego to learn more.


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