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Tile Restoration For Renovations

Tile Restoration For Renovations

When it comes to renovations in both bathrooms and kitchens, many homeowners understand that it is a large undertaking with a price tag to match. For some people, it can be hard to find ways to update these rooms without breaking the bank or compromising quality. Often homeowners don’t know that tile restoration is a great solution for a renovation. It can reduce the budget, increase the life of the tile, and keep the style that homeowners love.

What Tile Restoration Can Do In A Home

Tile restoration can tackle much of the wear and tear on tile. It extends the life of flooring, shower and bath surrounds, countertops, backsplashes, and even outdoor stone installations. Homeowners have had success with reducing staining, correcting water damage, efflorescence  (or whitening) on ceramic tile or grout, and removal of stains from mold growth. In addition to this, tile restoration can also address picture framing on stone tiles, where the color of the grout surrounding the tile seeps into the porous tile and discolors it. The result of restoring tile is a surface that is professionally sealed from further problems (with a warranty) and tile that has returned to a bright and shining factory finish.

A New View On An Old Material

For many renovating homeowners in San Diego, tile restoration allows them to look at their space with a whole new set of eyes. Stone, ceramic, or porcelain tiles that were once considered for removal are now viable design options. This is especially true for homes that still have retro or older tile layouts that are coming back on trend. Homeowners that love the color and design of their tile, but assume that due to age or damage that it must be replaced, are happy to find restoration as an option. For some, their tile may not be considerably old but has suffered damage and the grout has succumbed to dirt, stains, or mold. Many people put projects off for years due to the budget required. Tile restoration can reduce the time needed to save up funds for a project. With restoration as an option, their renovation budgets can shift, or they can allocate those funds to expanding the project scope. Homeowners often upgrade plumbing fixtures to bring the style of their home up to date in conjunction with tile restoration instead of a full renovation.

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