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The Many Uses of Granite in Homes

The Many Uses of Granite in Homes

Granite has maintained its position at the center stage of interior decor for over a decade now. Its timeless beauty makes it a favorite for countertops in San Diego, but this isn’t the only way it is now used. Here are some of the many ways it can enhance a home:

In the Kitchen

This is the most popular location for granite. Here, its most obvious position is the counter, where its presence lends irresistible elegance – but it certainly isn’t the only place to put it. Kitchen tables are easily topped with granite to bring the appearance into another part of the room. The floor is becoming another popular place for granite and other stone tiles. Since granite comes in innumerable patterns and shadings, it’s easy to do a floor, counter, and tabletop in this material without overdoing any single design.

In the Bathroom

As with the kitchen, the bathroom countertop was the first thing to join the granite revolution. However, granite’s tolerance for water has made it a favorite for upgraded shower areas. It’s also an excellent material for wall-mounted shelving. On the wall, granite’s appearance is the key. When treated with an invisible anti-slip coating, it can also be good for the floor.

In the Office – At Home or in a Building

There’s nothing as eye-catching, elegant, and indeed imposing as a desk made of fine stone. Granite and marble both create a breathtaking effect when used in this way. Stone desk tops are likely the most popular, but having all of the visible parts of the desk finished in stone creates the biggest effect. No one will have to wonder if the person behind such a desk is successful!

As Accents

Polished granite lamp bases, basins, and similar items add huge impact despite their small sizes. For the best effect, choose some of the same stone that was used for a larger piece like a countertop. This will bring the design element throughout the home and provide a unified effect. The exception is when the accent will be used on the main countertop. In that case, provide contrast so everything stands out in a good way and can be easily appreciated.

These are just some of the many ways granite and other stone can be used for both large and small decor elements. Combine them for a luxurious and unforgettable effect.

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