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Selecting Stone for Countertops: Granite, Marble and Quartz

Selecting Stone for Countertops: Granite, Marble and Quartz

Selecting stone for countertops in San Diego can be exciting. People could choose from a variety of colors and styles, in stone like granite, marble and quartz. By considering the key benefits and complications presented by each type of stone, homeowners will make a better purchase that will keep them satisfied for longer.


Many people think that granite is the industry standard, but this is not necessarily true. Granite is a beautiful stone, like no other. However, selecting colors can be somewhat tricky, simply because the countertops are cut from individual slabs. One slab may look very different from another, even when cut from the same rock. Additionally, granite must be sealed at installation and regularly thereafter, to prevent the absorption of liquids, which can cause damage.


The most obvious difference between granite and marble is that they look very different. Marble offers a bit more consistency in color, but the designs may be more muted. Like granite, marble is cut in whole slabs. This means that customers may not get exactly what they select in the showroom, but something very similar. Granite is slightly harder than marble, so the marble is more likely to chip. They are similarly porous, and they both require sealing and care to prevent stains.


Unlike granite and marble, quartz countertops are manmade to a certain degree. To make a quartz countertop, a manufacturer takes pieces of quartz and puts them together with resin. The result is a consistent color and design. Quartz countertops are harder than either marble or granite, and more resilient to damage or heavy use. The surface is nonporous, unlike granite, and so does not encounter staining. However, quartz may fade over time, especially with lots of exposure to natural light.

It is difficult to make a decision about the materials for stone countertops in San Diego based on price. The market encounters regular price fluctuations related to demand for each type of stone. Considering the other benefits of granite, marble and quartz should help homeowners to select the right kind of stone for their countertops. Any of these options could complete a kitchen or bathroom with a beautiful finish.

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