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Restoring Tile in an Older Kitchen

Restoring Tile in an Older Kitchen

When buying an older home, there are often unique discoveries of design and decorating features that you may not have expected. One such discovery can be fascinating old tile floors in the kitchen or other rooms in a home. Most older homes were built with ceramic tile floors in the kitchen and bathroom, and sometimes in other water-laden rooms such as a workroom, laundry room or children’s room. However, after years of neglect or even just regular wear, these tile floors need a cleaning and restoration. Tile restoration in San Diego can be tedious, but the result is amazing.

DIY Tile Restoration

If you have the time and knowledge, you can do tile restoration by yourself. However, it helps to be an expert on vintage tile patterns, where to source new tile and also knowing the best way to clean tile and grout without damaging them. By yourself, you can expect hours of laborious work before you get the results you will love. One of the features of old tile floors is the pattern and shape of the tiles, often which are not made today.

Hiring an Expert

If you decide that doing it yourself is not for you because of time constraints or lack of knowledge, hiring an expert in tile restoration is the best bet. An expert will provide trained tile restoration technicians who will restore your floor to its former beauty. They can offer advice on how much time it will take to finish your floor, however their quote will be an estimate until they can uncover the tile and see what condition it is in. Tile restoration experts will stock the proper materials and tools to clean and restore old tile and can often source replacement tiles for any damaged ones. There are vendors who collect old tile for just this purpose and experts are familiar with where to find the replacements they need. Along with the tile, experts can clean the grout to make it look like almost brand new. Grout is porous and absorbs dirt from long-term use and mop cleaning. You will be impressed by how beautiful an old tile floor can look with proper restoration techniques.

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