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Restoring and Polishing Damaged Granite and Marble Tile

Restoring and Polishing Damaged Granite and Marble Tile

Granite and marble tile are very expensive flooring options. When purchasing a home with damaged granite or marble tile, a home buyer may be interested in restoring that tile rather than replacing it altogether. One of the benefits of luxury materials — such as hardwood and natural stone — is that they can be reliably refinished. However, it’s important that the home buyer or home owner be aware of the limitations.

Granite and Marble Tiles Must Be Professionally Polished

Though there are many do-it-yourself options in the area of tile, polishing is generally not one of them. Granite and marble should almost always be professionally polished. Otherwise they can crack or the polish will become uneven. But the good news for homeowners is that polishing granite and marble tile will generally bring them back to their prior, new appearance quite easily.

Granite and Marble Tiles Are Softer Than Ceramics

Ceramic tile is quite hard and durable. Granite and marble is not, though granite tends to be far harder than marble. This means that granite and marble are easy to damage and difficult to restore. When it comes to marble tiles, many restoration attempts will crack the tile and potentially even the surrounding tile. Even granite needs care taken when removing the tiles themselves. For this reason, most home renovators may want to rely upon professionals when lifting granite and marble tiles for replacement.

Granite and Marble Tiles Can’t Always Be Replaced

There are certain issues that can’t be repaired. If the tile is cracked, it will need to be replaced. More importantly, however, a cracked granite or marble tile indicates a more serious issue. Tiles generally only crack if there is flooding damage or if the tiles themselves were installed incorrectly. A cracked tile means that a home renovator may very well need to eventually replace all their tiles. It’s important for the home renovator to determine what caused the cracking first. There is also an additional problem: granite and marble tiles are natural stones, which means they are often very unique looking. It can be difficult to find a tile that is going to match with the existing tile.

For more information about tile restoration in San Diego, the home renovator may want to consult with a store that specializes in granite and marble, rather than a general purpose store. These specialists may be able to recommend the best option for restoration and reclamation.

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