Stone Restoration Services – San Diego

Granite Gallery is the focused solution for all of your stone needs. Our craftsmen also specialize in the restoration of all types of natural stones. Imagine your classic San Diego home fully restored to its former glory with incredible stone restoration from Granite Gallery. We are able to take your vision from beginning to end and restore your stone to its natural beauty. Our technicians deep clean and restore grout, granite, marble, travertine, saltillo, slate and all other natural stone floors. We also restore counters, patios, walkways, showers and driveways. We can make your home look amazing, from top to bottom, with our stone restoration services!

15 Year Warranty – A Great Deal on Stone Restoration in San Diego

Our restoration services have been classified as the art and science of returning natural stone to that elegant bright factory finish shine or even better! As certified Dry Treat and DuPont applicators, we now offer restoration services that come with an industry Leading 15-Year Warranty when applied through our certified company. Our sealers provide premium protection from common threats such as staining, water and salt damage, efflorescence, freeze-thaw spalling, picture framing, graffiti and mold growth, and make treated surfaces easier to clean and maintain.

Add Lifelong Beauty to Your San Diego Home with Our Stone Renovations

When purchasing natural stone, you know you have made a significant investment by adding lifelong beauty to your home. Our top of the line quality backed with their warranty will give you years of enjoyment and elegance.Let our team of trained professionals help you protect your investment by repairing any problem while maintaining its original beauty. Helpful Tips for maintaining your Natural Stone:

1. Have your stone sealed properly.

2. Clean your stone with a neutral pH cleaner.

3. Do not drag objects over your floors or countertops.

4. Use doormats to minimize the chance of grit to scratch your floors.

5. Use felt pads under chairs and bar stools to prevent scratching.

6. Never use vinegar, lemon juice or ammonia to clean your stone.

7. Clean up spills immediately.

8. Set up a maintenance program to avoid having to restore your floor.

If you want to see more images of the type of work we do, visit the Granite Gallery portfolio here.