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Why Realtors Love to Highlight a Home’s Granite Countertops

Why Realtors Love to Highlight a Home’s Granite Countertops

A look at online real estate listings will quickly show that one of the focal points agents find important is the kitchen counter. When it looks good, the listings are sure to show at least one picture that features it. If the counter is nothing special, on the other hand, the image is taken in a way that attempts to highlight the rest of the kitchen. What makes the counter such an important factor?

The Kitchen Counter is Very Obvious

Even in a panned-back image, the eye can’t help but run across the space where the counter sits. In most kitchens, this is first due to its size. The counter typically takes up at least one entire kitchen wall. People also look at the counter because that’s where they’ll be doing most of their kitchen-related work. Everything from buttering a toast to making an entire Thanksgiving dinner takes place using the counter or counters as support surfaces.

People Pay More for Houses with Great Countertops

No real estate agent will miss the chance to show off granite countertops in San Diego because a house that has them can sell for several thousand dollars more than one with a worn out, plain, laminate version. This is especially true if the granite has the deep shine that people are looking for. Such a countertop instantly adds class to the entire home. Because of this, even penny-pinching fix-and-flip investors make sure to go ahead and invest in a slab of granite for the kitchen.

Granite is Durable

The solidity of solid stone is another reason people prefer granite countertops. They know that if they buy a house with this feature, they won’t have to worry about veneers peeling up or getting yanked off when someone bumps into the corner of the counter. All it takes to keep granite nice is reasonable care to the finish.

There’s No Need to be Selling a House to Get New Countertops

Nobody has to wait until they’re trying to sell their home to go ahead and invest in a new countertop. Adding granite to a long-term house is a great investment and will make living there far more enjoyable. Whether this is done as a one-off upgrade or as part of a larger remodeling project, the end result will be classy and long-lasting.

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