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Possibilities to Consider for a Major Bathroom Remodel

Possibilities to Consider for a Major Bathroom Remodel

People might think of a bathroom remodel in San Diego as being simple when compared to remaking a kitchen. However, the sky is the limit on the options available in a bathroom overhaul. From a separate bath and shower to new cabinetry and additional storage, homeowners can reconceive their bathrooms into a haven of leisure and delight.

Separate Bath and Shower

There are many reasons that people might opt to have their bathtub and shower built separately. It improves efficiency, as a couple could choose to have one person enjoys a relaxing a bath while the other takes a quick shower. Separating bath and shower looks more modern. In a large bathroom, there is plenty of room for a shower tiled in travertine, and a luxurious Jacuzzi tub. The bathtub may be standalone, or be encased in paneling with stairs to climb in.

New Cabinetry

People often tend to focus on the fixtures they can choose for a bathroom, when there are many other factors to consider as well. For example, a couple or family that has been struggling over access to a single sink in a bathroom may want to add cabinetry to create a dual sink arrangement. With new cabinetry custom-fit to the homeowner’s bathroom, the bathroom may offer more drawers, counter space or even a place to sit down and style hair or makeup.

Additional Storage and Organization

Bathrooms need storage options, and a new design may present unique choices that help families live easier lives. A home without a dedicated linen closet could reasonably add one to a larger bathroom during a significant remodel. Linen closets give storage room for consumable toiletries, towels, linens and more. The closet adds better organization to the room, keeping clutter from invading the space and preventing bathroom items from getting stored elsewhere in the house.

A major bathroom remodel in San Diego can be a dream come true. Homeowners should make a note of all the things they would like to see in their new bathrooms. That way, they can prioritize their need for a separate bath and shower, dual sink or linen closet. These considerations help them build a better bathroom for their families.

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