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June 3, 2016
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More Families Choosing to Upgrade Their Homes Instead of Move

More Families Choosing to Upgrade Their Homes Instead of Move

The term starter home referred to a small home many couples would buy in the beginning of their relationship when they either had no kids or just one. Many years ago, it would be normal to sell the starter home and use the proceeds for a down payment into a larger house. Today’s world is very different, and the idea of a starter home is dated for many economical reasons. Some couples may buy a starter home to “flip” but in most cases a starter home is a dated idea. Even when a family decides it may be time to move or upgrade, more people are choosing the later. After all it is typically both easier and less expensive to improve an existing home than it is to move to another.

With all the DIY shows on TV and ideas online, it is no wonder many people are choosing to get creative and really customize their home. There are professionals who can help with big projects in home remodeling in San Diego, so even the huge projects like new granite counter tops can be done perfectly. From just a fresh coat of paint, to an extra room in the house any sized project is reachable to the same person who is considering a move to a new home for the upgrade.

The upside to upgrading instead of moving is that if the homeowner decides they still feel the urge to move after converting their existing home into a dream home, then they will likely get their money back in equity. In many cases it is a win-win for the seller and buyer. What buyer does not want to find a gem with upgrades that are the best because they are chosen by a homeowner who plans to stay and enjoy the perks themselves? As long as all these DIY shows are inspiring new generations of homeowners, more people will choose to upgrade their current location instead of moving into a generic new place without their own personal touch.

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