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Making a Bathroom More Kid-Friendly During a Remodel

Making a Bathroom More Kid-Friendly During a Remodel

Creating a kid-friendly bathroom is one way to get children excited about a new home renovation. Kid-friendly bathrooms are easier for children to use, easier for parents to clean, and ultimately improve a child’s experience with their daily hygiene tasks. There are a few primary things a homeowner can consider when trying to tailor their bathroom for their children.

Lowering Everything to a Kid-Friendly Height

One of the easiest adjustments in a remodel is to lower counters to a more child-friendly height. This reduces the need for children to use step stools, which can be cumbersome and potentially dangerous. Many custom cabinet makers are able to lower their ordinary counter offerings quite effectively, and the counter itself doesn’t need to be changed. Thus, a homeowner can buy an affordable bathroom cabinet and a more expensive marble counter, with the knowledge that they can reuse the marble counter if they decide to increase the counter height.

Installing an Easy to Use Bathtub and Shower

Bathtubs can be very difficult for children to use. An easy access bathtub and shower may be better. These bathtub-shower combinations have doors that open and close, so children can open the door, step in, and then begin to fill the small tub or turn on the shower. Shower heads can also be positioned lower to make it easier for them to wash, and there are also tubs that have steps that lead in and out. Many kid-friendly bathroom and shower adjustments have the additional bonus of being helpful to those who are older or have disabilities.

Getting Transitional Toilets

There are toilets available that are specifically designed to help children transition from potty training. These toilets usually come with attachments that are meant for children and they may be a little smaller than traditional toilets, for additional comfort. If it isn’t feasible to replace the toilet entirely, parents can instead consider the purchase of toilet seats that are intended for potty training. These are usually more durable than kits that fit over the toilet itself.

There are some consequences to a kid-friendly bathroom remodel that should be discussed with a home improvement specialist. A niche bathroom remodel in San Diego could affect property values later on — though in some markets, a kid-friendly bathroom will increase value. For families intending on keeping their homes, a kid-friendly bathroom remodel may not necessarily be useful after a few years. It all depends on the family’s long-term goals and their local market.


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