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Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

For kitchen remodels, homeowners want to find a design that works for their lifestyle, fits their aesthetic, and will stand the test of time. People understand how much of an investment a kitchen can be, and it may be difficult to choose what style of cabinetry with work for their home. Kitchen cabinet trends are becoming more dynamic. They are pushing the envelope on style and the traditional thought of what cabinetry should look like. From redefining the way they use upper cabinets or to adding more color, design trends are changing the storage landscape in the kitchen.

Open Shelving

For an open and airy feeling in a kitchen, many people are forgoing the traditional upper cabinets and are replacing them with shelving. This trend speaks to homeowners who are looking for a slightly modern and relaxed look to their space. It is an excellent way to minimize clutter in the kitchen. It celebrates the display of plates, cups, bowls, and decorative elements. Using a shelving design can open up a room and remove the heavy look that often comes with installing upper cabinetry. Open shelving can be especially beneficial for kitchens that have a tight footprint, as it will make the space look visually larger than it really is.

Playing With Color

Most traditional kitchen cabinets in San Diego homes are designed with one color or stain for all cabinetry, yet there is a colorful trend that is turning that idea on its head. Designers and homeowners alike are incorporating two (or more) stains or paint color for their kitchen storage. For some, the upper cabinetry is a separate color than the lower cabinetry. For others, most of the cabinetry is a single color, but feature items are created in a different color to bring in variation. This trend is perfect for pieces like the kitchen island or cabinetry over the stove to have a specialized or more furniture like feel to the design. This multi-color approach can work well in a variety of design styles, from sleek and modern, to classic and traditional, or even to ornate transitional styled kitchens. Additionally, this trend needs a keen eye to find what will be most successful and where to edit the color or stain changes. It is all about choosing a clever and thoughtful design element that will last through the years.


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