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Key Approaches for Proper Tile Maintenance

Key Approaches for Proper Tile Maintenance

Natural stone tile is a beautiful addition to any home. However, it requires special maintenance to ensure that it remains lovely for many years. By taking steps to prevent scratching, ensuring proper cleaning and requesting tile restoration in San Diego, homeowners get a better investment out of their tile.

Preventing Scratching

The most typical enemy to natural stone tile is virtually anything abrasive. This includes salt, dirt, sand and anything else that is could grate against the tile. These things are not always easy to see. If the floor is not swept and mopped carefully on a regular basis, debris can scratch the tile as it is pushed into the stone under feet or heavy items placed on the floor. Homeowners should avoid scratching by cleaning the tile regularly, adding doormats for people to wipe their feet and putting felt under chairs and table legs.

Proper Cleaning

Replacing linoleum with natural stone tile makes for an attractive upgrade, but the two are cleaned very differently. The best cleansers for tile are non-abrasive and also not intended to bleach out the natural colors in the stone. Acidic cleansers, even natural ones like vinegar or lemon juice, erode the sealant and can damage the stone itself. With regular upkeep, the flooring may only need a sweep and a mop with plain water to stay fresh and beautiful. For deeper cleaning, a cleanser with a neutral pH is most appropriate.

Tile Restoration

In some cases, the tile has already sustained serious damage that calls for the services of a professional to provide tile restoration. This process is more than simply cleaning, although a thorough cleaning of the tile and grout is an important component. Tile restoration can reduce or remove stains, salt deposits, scratching, mold growth and other problems common to natural stone tile. Sealing the tile after restoration ensures that it is both easier to clean and less likely to sustain future damage.

Tile made from natural stone is meant to last for many years, even decades. However, the materials must be cared for carefully to prevent damage to the individual tiles. By keeping abrasive materials away from the tiles, using the right cleansers and inquiring about tile restoration as needed, people will have tile that maintains a better appearance for many years to come.

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