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How to Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets at Affordable Prices

How to Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets at Affordable Prices

Kitchen upgrades don’t always need to be elaborate or time consuming. Sometimes simple upgrades can transform a dull kitchen into a work of art. One way to rejuvenate a worn kitchen is to upgrade kitchen cabinets. By giving cabinets a fresh, new look, homeowners can bring their kitchen back to life. Here are a few ways to upgrade kitchen cabinets in San Diego at an affordable cost.


Cabinets that are structurally sound but have a dull appearance may only require a new coat of paint to lift them up. Dark colored cabinets can be repainted in a lighter hue to make the kitchen appear brighter. Homeowners can even paint upper cabinets a different color than lower ones for variety.

Task Lighting

Under cabinet lighting can chase away a kitchen’s shadows and brighten the environment. Uplighting on top cabinets can be combined with task lighting on bottom cabinets to serve multiple purposes. Under cabinet task lights will provide ample illumination to make meal prep a breeze. Dimmable task lights provide homeowners with greater control over kitchen lighting to set the tone for any occasion.

Cabinet Doors

Removing cabinet doors converts closed cabinets into open shelving, completely changing the look and feel of a kitchen. Open shelves can be used to display attractive glassware, coffee mugs, dinnerware and more. Shelves can be filled with items used daily for easy reach. Open shelf cabinets make a kitchen appear more spacious and airy.

Adding glass inserts to cabinet doors offers an alternative to open shelving and makes cabinets more interesting and attractive. Glass inserts are available in clear, etched, fluted, patterned or colored glass for variety. To highlight the glass doors, homeowners can install interior cabinet lighting. Decorative glass inserts can give a kitchen an innovative touch. Homeowners can mix and match glass doors to complement counters, kitchen appliances or flooring.

Roll-Out Shelving

By installing roll out shelving on base cabinets, homeowners can enhance the function of kitchen cabinets. Roll out shelves glide out smoothly to provide practical, easy to reach storage space that homeowners can use for pots and pans, kitchen aprons and towels, small appliances or other kitchen items.

By finding innovative ways to upgrade kitchen cabinets, homeowners can transform their kitchen into an attractive, well-designed, efficient environment without spending an exorbitant amount of money. A kitchen environment that’s attractive, bright and functional makes cooking a joy.

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