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Tips For Living At Home During A Kitchen Remodel

Most homeowners know the costs that come with a full kitchen remodel, but it also comes with many logistics. Bathrooms and kitchens are such an essential part of the home, that it can be difficult to have either space out of commission for an extended period of time. For those looking for ways to remodel and stay in the home, here are a few tips for planning and practice.

1. Expect The Inconveniences

Kitchens are essential to the home because they answer a need for everyone. Over eons humans have refined the way that they take care of their needs and the modern kitchen is a solution that is nearly universal because it works so well. Homeowners who update these spaces often see very quickly how important they are. Make a list of the needs a kitchen meets and innovative solutions to meet them during remodeling.

2. Plan With The Seasons

For home remodeling in San Diego, the weather is often great year-round, yet that does not mean that there are some times throughout the year that works better than others. Consider avoiding the hottest and coldest months for a remodel as air conditioning and heating may be affected by the scope of a project. Additionally, with the space out of commission, homeowners may find themselves spending more time outside that usual.

3. Making It Work

For a kitchen remodel, create a list of solutions that can be called on for meal creation. This might mean setting up an outdoor kitchen, or a temporary space in another room or garage. It may also include calling on friends and family for meal help. Many homeowners find ways to pack lunches or a quick breakfast to have on the go and then plan to dine out for dinner meals.

4. Getting Out And About

With the dust, disarray, and modified living the frustrations can add up. Some homeowners need to stay at home during a remodel due to work or school. Consider planning on spending the weekend away, or schedule a remodel at the same time as a visit to a family or friend’s house. Often if a remodel is taking place longer than a single week, there will be an overlap of a weekend. This is when busy families spend the most time at home, and is a great time to get out and about.


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