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Getting the Perfect Look When Renovating a Kitchen

Getting the Perfect Look When Renovating a Kitchen

Kitchens have more elements than any other standard room, and most if not all of these elements have to be useful as well as beautiful. Because of this, it takes some thinking in order to get the best possible results from renovations. One of the easiest ways to accomplish the desired results is to hire a designer, but designs can be created by homeowners if the proper care is taken.

Visualize the Desired Effect as a Whole

Instead of thinking of individual trendy items like brightly-colored ovens and stainless steel fridges, imagine the kitchen as a single unit with many parts. Also consider the overall style that is desired. Is the kitchen supposed to look traditional, modern, or trendy? Once this aspect is chosen, select only the elements that will match that style.

Be Careful with Bold

One of the coolest trends that comes up every so often involves the use of bold enamel colors. Red stoves, royal blue refrigerators, and equally-bold small appliances come to mind. These look great with other modern decor, but it’s important not to overdo it. Use the bold elements as accents to keep the overall look from being so energetic that it’s overwhelming. Also, note that big, bold items will look out of place with traditional elements like stained wood kitchen cabinets. To spice up a traditional kitchen, stick with small splashes of bright color.

Remember that Traditional Styles Also Have Trends

It can seem hard to make a kitchen look both traditional and up-to-date. One of the keys is to note that even this style has general trends that change through the decades. Kitchen cabinets in San Diego, for example, were stained very darkly back in the 1960s and 70s. Now, cabinet stains tend to be lighter so that the woodgrain can show through. Flooring patterns and countertop materials have also changed through the decades. All of these elements can be considered “traditional,” yet by paying attention to how new homes are being done, homeowners can still achieve a fresh look.

Keep Usability in Mind

One of the biggest pitfalls of following design trends is the chance that the end result will be insufficiently usable. Always keep the way a kitchen is going to be used in mind, and choose elements that will definitely support that use. For example, avoid shiny surfaces that show fingerprints if frequent wiping doesn’t sound fun. This way, the end result will be enjoyable as well as beautiful.

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