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Designing With Kitchen Work Zones In A Home Remodel

Designing With Kitchen Work Zones In A Home Remodel

Since the 1940s, kitchen planning and design has always been based on creating an efficient work triangle. As homeowners in the 21st century are finding out, the efficiency and layout of a triangle may not adequately address the needs of the modern home. One of the main reasons this is true is because people have changed how they use their kitchen. Homeowners find that the kitchen has transformed from a semi-private family space into the entertaining and gathering area that now acts as the heart of the home. Additionally, the number of appliances and gadgets have increased, making the function of the kitchen much more varied than in the past.

The Work Triangle

The central concept behind the work triangle is based on efficiency and ease of use for the cook in the kitchen. The three points of the triangle are represented by the three things that every kitchen needs: a sink, a stove, and a refrigerator. If these three items are placed in a triangle shape in relation to one another on the floor plan, it would cut down on steps, on work, and on time spent in the kitchen. Because this model was based on one person working in the kitchen for every meal, and does not include the various modern amenities, it works less efficiently than it may have in the past.

The Work Zones

The more nuanced idea is to create a series of work zones based on the shape of the kitchen, the needs of the homeowners, and the additional appliances or gadgets that are found in kitchens of the 21st century. For those working on home remodeling projects in San Diego, creating a tailored set of zones can produce a kitchen that works more seamlessly with the homeowner. More often than not, work zones are set up into three main areas: cooking, washing, and storage.

  • Cooking– Oven, microwave, warming drawers, stove
  • Washing– Sink, dishwasher, garbage, recycling, and compost
  • Storage– Refrigerators and pantry or dry storage

For others, this can be expanded into baking, prep and cleanup, or even quick meals and multi-step meals. Often, spaces and uses for each zone overlaps and can shift depending on the time of day or type of work. Additionally, many homeowners decide that they still find that the kitchen triangle works for them, and incorporate zones within the triangle layout.

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