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Creating a Welcoming Powder Room

Creating a Welcoming Powder Room

As many people know, the number of bathrooms is an important aspect of any home, and while the master bath and family baths are given a lot of time, attention, and detail sometimes the powder room can get left in the design dust. Many people love that their master bathroom has a lot of wow-factor and there are some great ways homeowners can elevate their powder rooms to that same level of design. From revamping materials, to bringing in some extra color, and to adding thoughtful details, a powder room can be a showstopper.

Rethinking Materials

For San Diego homeowners considering a bathroom remodel, bringing in some new materials into a half bath is an excellent way to freshen the look of a small space. Many people have found that powder rooms are great places to include wood floors, often continuing their flooring from the rest of the house seamlessly into the space. Many people often see the powder room as a design opportunity to try something new and unexpected. This might include trading in traditional fixtures for more modern or artistic pieces. Sinks and toilets come in so many styles and unique colors. Homeowners can enjoy choosing something with a little flair or unexpected shape or design.

Adding In Color

This added color can also be expanded to the walls. Because powder rooms are usually small spaces, many people use minimal color to keep the space feeling visually more open. Homeowners are starting to shift this perspective and see the powder room as a chance for some design drama in their home. This color can be added through tile elements, wall color, or decorative lighting. Some even find covering the walls in stunning or dramatic wallpaper as an excellent way to incorporate more color.

Thoughtful Details

One of the most important aspects of a half bath is considering who will be using it. More often than not, the powder room is one place where guests can have a few minutes to themselves. Going beyond the design of the space, for many homeowners, it is a chance to incorporate kindness and hospitality.  Extra towels, band-aids, tissues, toothbrushes, and aspirin, are great things to have on hand in a powder room and available for guests to use. It adds to the ambiance of the space and the overall feel of a home.


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