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Preparing a kitchen for new countertops

When a kitchen starts to feel outdated it may be time to give it an overhaul and a new look. Replacing the countertops in a San Diego home can help give the room an instant makeover without the need to completely remodel the entire kitchen. However, before the new countertops can be installed, there are some things homeowners can do to prepare the kitchen for installation.

Select a contractor

Hiring a contractor should take some time and research. The best way to select a reputable contractor is to ask friends, neighbors and family who they have used in the past. If it’s not possible to get recommendations, a little bit of research may be needed to find the perfect contractor. There are online websites that offer reviews and recommendations.

Create the template

Determine all areas of the kitchen where new countertops are needed. This includes extensions of cabinets, bars, islands and office areas. Take measurements of all spaces and make sure to allow enough room for appliances. If buying new appliances or a sink, have those installed or ready to be installed before creating the countertop template. The contractor can help with taking measurements and creating a template.

Spring clean the kitchen

Installing new countertops will not help make the kitchen feel refreshed and new if the space is not thoroughly cleaned before installation. Take the time to spring clean the kitchen. This includes going through all the cabinets, getting rid of anything not used in the past six months and washing down all drawers, surfaces and cabinets.

Make space to work

The contractor will need to have plenty of space to work in the home. Before the day of installation, clear a path to and from the kitchen and remove anything not needed from the kitchen. Make sure the path is open enough to allow plenty of room to maneuver the large slabs of countertops. It may also be a good idea to plan to have as many people out of the home as possible the day of installation. This includes kids and pets that may get in the way of the contractor.

Being prepared for the installation of countertops will help make the process to go smoothly. The more preparation done ahead of time, will mean less running around the day of installation. The easier things are on the day of installation, the quicker a homeowner can start enjoying his or her new kitchen countertops.



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