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Choosing the Best Color Stone to Complement Your Decor

best color stone

Stone, a natural material, brings warmth to your interior and complements your decor. In fact, natural stone complements any décor. Stone’s innate charm represents the connection between the Mother Earth and nature. An alluring stone wall is a fine idea for wall decoration in your living room. This wall transforms your living space. Although this wall tends to create a frosty feeling, you can mitigate this feeling by setting a fireplace to the side of this wall. The fireplace will bring warmth to the whole environment.

Alternatively, you could surround your fireplace with stone slabs. And to build a stone wall, you need not demolish the existing wall. Instead, you can wrap it with stone.

Stones Present You Infinite Options to Complement Your Decor

Since stones are available in myriad colors, sizes, and shapes, they present you infinite options to decorate your interior. You can use them to complement your décor in different ways. Since stone isn’t a manufactured material, no two stones are identical. Hence, the combinations are truly endless. A natural stone wall in your living room creates a mesmerizing center and serves as an excellent backdrop for furniture. A smooth stone wall of granite or marble gives your room a sleek and contemporary look.

Selecting the Finest Color Combination

For color ideas, look at paint swatches in your local home improvement store. Select the color of your fireplace, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom vanity and countertop material first. Since they’ll be your most expensive investment, you should begin with them. You need not settle for any single color. Rather, you can select different colors that express your individuality. After this, select the stone flooring materials that complement the finish and color of your countertops. Lastly, select the color of your living room furniture and kitchen cabinetry that either contrast or complement your chosen colors.

Choosing the Best Color Stone for Your Countertop and Flooring Materials

When you’re choosing stone countertops, you can pick from a wide range of colors. Granite and marble are undoubtedly the most popular choices because they come in varied shades from dark to light. The important attributes you should consider when choosing the stone color include:

  • The kind of stone material you opt for
  • The style and size of your rooms
  • The color of the furniture, cabinets, and walls
  • The natural lighting
Some choices for countertop and flooring materials that complement each other:
  1. Neutral Granite Counters: The best color selections include neutral shades of brown, tan, or gray. All these shades blend well with varied flooring materials. When you use neutral shades of granite in your fireplace, kitchen or other rooms, just pick a color from the granite veining to use in your flooring. It provides an attractive complement to the stone color without matching it too closely.
  2. Dark Granite or Marble: If you opt for a dark colored stone countertop or slab for any room, it’d be ideal to pick a light shade for your floors. You will avoid making the room too dark. In the kitchen, if you wish to match the cabinets to your countertop, choose a lighter contrasting shade for your flooring. Dark stone counters match with classic black-and-white flooring or even with some shade of gray.
  3. Light Granite or Marble: Light color slabs and countertops give you an assortment of options for your furniture, kitchen cabinetry, and flooring. It’d be best to match the color of the countertops and slabs to the flooring and to choose a contrasting color for your furniture and kitchen cabinets. Also, light-colored stone slabs and countertops pair well with hardwood flooring, specifically deep, rich shades.
  4. Wood or Butcher Block: If you select wood or butcher block shade for your countertops, it’s good to match this color with your flooring. You can use wood-grained tile or natural hardwood flooring for matching dark wood countertops and slabs. Light-colored butcher block countertops pair well with distressed hardwood or dark wood floors.
  5. Colored Slabs and Countertops: If you pick bright colored countertops and slabs, it’s best to opt for a neutral shade for your furniture, cabinets, and flooring. You avoid overpowering the room with excessive color. Bright red stone slabs and countertops pair well with off-white or white flooring. You can complement shades of blue with gold and cream tones.

The factors outlined here are just a few to be considered when choosing the best color stone to complement your décor. Nevertheless, you need to look for colors that suit your taste and personality. If you prefer a brilliant white marble or rich brown granite surface, it eventually boils down to how well you blend it into your overall décor.

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