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June 25, 2016
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Ceramic Tiles Stand the Test of Time

Ceramic Tiles Stand the Test of Time

People, with the best of intentions for their older homes, often rip out precious old features that have a history and replace them with brand new off-the shelf designs purchased from the nearest big box store. Although they do this in the name of improvement, they are really diminishing the value of the house, especially if comes with a storied past. but then, all homes bring with them a storied past. Many remodelers make the mistake of trying to keep up with what’s in, totally disregarding the fact that what’s in today will be out five years from now. On the contrary, what will always be in is a house that maintains the character of its original era.

The Timelessness of Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile, as flooring material, date back to ancient civilizations. Its universality can be attributed to the fact that clay, a readily available material could be converted by means of firing or baking into long-lasting, durable, and attractive tiles for flooring and walls. Ingenuity proved that tiles could be fashioned into virtually any size or shape, and it was precisely this modularity, making them easy to fit into different size spaces, that contributed to their ubiquity. Down through  the ages, ceramic tiles have been used in diverse settings. ranging from mosques and churches to schools and palaces; in hospitals, government buildings, museums, and mausoleums.

Today’s Tile

Today’s older homes are treasure troves of tile, exhibiting a range of styles, from the plainest of terra cotta to the most elaborately decorated, multi-colored one-of-a-kind individual tiles that go into elaborately patterned tile floors, borders,  and backstops. These tiles have stood the test of time thanks to the versatility afforded to them by a variety of colored glazes. Understanding all this, prudent homeowners should first consider tile restoration in San Diego before looking through tempting tile catalogs. If the tile in their homes, whether on the wall or the floor, in the kitchen, bathroom, or entry way looks dull and dingy the problem is often simply the that it is dirty, or the grout is discolored; and the solution as simple as having the tiles deep cleaned, the grout restored or replaced, and new glaze reapplied and sealed.

Restoration, when at all possible, is the better step  to take, plus it is kinder to the wallet today and may fatten it when the home can one day be put on the market as an authentic representation of bygone days.

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