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The stone pavers outside your home need periodic maintenance to protect them from traffic, dirt, sun exposure, and spills. Outdoor restoration experts specialize in sealing travertine, limestone, brick, granite, and marble products with numerous sealer options that fit your specific requirements. You can opt for the finest sealing materials available, including some green alternatives.

Whether it’s your patio, driveway, pool surrounding or walkway, there’s an outdoor restoration alternative out there to help. Granite pavers, concrete pavers, marble pavers, and other natural stone pavers all need a different type of restoration. For instance, some common cleaning agents may be too harsh for natural stone because the acids in them may damage the stone surface permanently. Rely on an outdoor restoration professional to use the safest products in your home.

Your Home’s Curb Appeal Begins at the Curb

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This automatically implies that your old driveway needs immediate attention. And when it’s time for restoration or replacement, don’t be afraid to experiment with something contemporary. Besides concrete, stamped concrete, and asphalt, an assortment of new driveway paver and interlocking stone products have flooded the market, presenting you dozens of options.

Opting for permeable pavers is a smart move, especially in rainy regions to minimize erosion and control runoff issues. Assess the pros and cons of different types of driveways. Pick a driveway design that fits your home perfectly. If necessary, add a sidewalk update or a retaining wall to create a cohesive appearance that pulls your entire front yard together. You’ll reap significant savings over doing each one of them separately. Work closely with outdoor restoration experts to get that one-of-a-kind driveway.

Spend Time Planning Your Home’s Sublime Landscape

With all the countless style options and materials in front of you, it does get confusing. Assess the advantages of flagstone, natural stone, cobblestone, brick, gravel, and concrete walkways, some of the most recent choices available. Then you can commence the installation of a long-lasting and attractive pathway for your dream garden.

Outdoor Restoration: Clean and Re-grout Walkways / Steps

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Add curb appeal and interest by creating a great first impression. Direct foot traffic around delectable garden areas or flower beds with elegant, curving walkways and stone steps. Design a simple walkway that serves as a welcoming entrance. It’d be even better if you build a winding walkway that leads to your backyard patio or pool. You could also transform your existing walkway and steps to blend perfectly with your landscape. Improve the appearance and longevity of your walkway and steps with a complete clean and re-grout restoration. When your outdoor improvements look and feel superlative, you’ll enjoy spending more time outdoors.

Outdoor Restoration: Patio

An outdoor patio enhances your home and garden dramatically. From concrete slabs to natural stone tiles, you have an assortment of choices as far as the edging and surface of your patio are concerned. Evaluate different patio materials. Natural stones come in varied colors, shapes, and sizes, including rounded, flat, large, and small. You can create your patio with many small stones or few large size stones. Your material choice depends on the dimensions of the patio you want to create and the appearance you desire. Also, you can choose between flat, sharp stones for a more contemporary appearance or soft rounded stones for a decidedly natural look. A natural stone patio is extremely durable and does not fade over time.

Other patio materials include cobblestones, bricks, pavers, bluestone, and many more. Make certain that your patio is in harmony with your other landscaping elements, such as pathway, garden, driveway, and retaining wall. If your patio is designed meticulously, it’ll seamlessly extend your home’s indoor space into the great outdoors. Just imagine enjoying a tranquil dinner outdoors, relaxing around a fire or engaging in a bit of stargazing. These are indeed priceless memories you’ll create with your friends and family members on your remodeled patio.

You can incorporate an impressive array of features that add comfort and value to your remodeled patio. These features include an outdoor kitchen, columns, pergola, seat walls, pavilion, waterfalls, lighting, and much more. Choose from a broad selection of natural stone materials available in countless combinations of texture and color. These materials make excellent pool surrounds as well.

Outdoor Restoration: Paver Driveways

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Enhance your home’s curb appeal by installing an environment-friendly paver driveway that’s infinitely beautiful. Paver driveways cope with freezing and thawing cycles much better than solid concrete or asphalt driveways. More importantly, paver driveways will not split or even crack. Additionally, paver driveways, especially natural stone paver driveways, merge perfectly with all other landscape elements, presenting a seamless appearance. This perfect appearance is accentuated even more when used together with stone steps or paver walkways.

Paver driveways are of two types: permeable and impervious. Permeable pavers permit water to percolate through the pavement surface into a rainwater harvesting system or underlying soils. Hence, permeable paver driveways are more environmentally friendly. Impervious pavers don’t permit water to percolate through the pavement surface.

You need to maintain pavers for retaining the pristine appearance of your landscape. A beautiful driveway adds a whole new dimension to your home’s outdoor area. Natural stone pavers require minimal maintenance and will last for decades if you seal them periodically.


If your outdoor pavers are looking faded or dirty, cleaning and sealing them will safeguard them and extend their life as well. Restoration of the pavers in your patio, driveway, walkway and steps will make certain that your outdoor area looks and feels great. Restoration of all your outdoor natural stone products prolongs the usable life of your home’s outdoor living space. Outdoor restoration involves a high-pressure wash to remove unsightly dirt and stubborn stains. In case the joint sand is eroding or low, the sand will be removed and replaced with polymeric sand to restrict weeds and minimize future erosion.

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