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Boring to Beautiful: 5 Granite Restoration Ideas to Spruce Up Your Living Space

granite restoration

If the lackluster granite flooring and countertops in your home seems boring, you can go in for a comprehensive granite restoration. And depending on the severity of the cleanup required, you can hire a granite restoration professional. This move will enable you to make your home beautiful, minus the costs and mess that a major renovation entails.

Granite Restoration Services Include:

  • Etch removal (removal of rough areas caused by contact with household cleaners)
  • Scratch and chip repair
  • Stain removal
  • Water spot removal
  • Seam repair and honing
  • Permanent sealing and protection for your granite’s surfaces (prevention is…)
  • Polishing
  • Renewal and total revitalization of your granite’s luster and glow

Here are some granite restoration ideas that will spruce up your living space.

Granite Restoration Idea #1: Rejuvenate Your Kitchen Countertop

granite restoration
Transform your jaded countertop by sealing and polishing it. If the magnitude of damage demands a thorough restoration, a restoration expert can do it within a few days. This simple restoration will revitalize your entire kitchen. Simultaneously, you can restore your kitchen sink as well.

Granite Restoration Idea #2: Spruce Up Your Bathrooms

granite restoration
Spruce up your bathrooms by restoring your bath tubs, bathroom vanity tops, bathroom sinks, and bathroom countertops. These economical improvements will make your bathrooms feel and look like new.

Granite Restoration Idea #3: Beautify Your Fireplace

granite restoration
Your fireplace is unquestionably the focal point of the room it occupies. It either completes your space’s beautiful design or sticks out like a sore thumb. If you desire to make your fireplace look fresh and updated, hire a professional for revamping your fireplace. Restoring your priceless granite fireplace preserves the value of your home and increases the fireplace’s structural integrity and overall safety.

Granite Restoration Idea #4: Breathe New Life Into Your Home

granite restoration
If you’re serious about breathing new life into your home, get your dirty flooring back to its original splendor. If your flooring is damaged extensively, go for a full granite floor restoration. Call the professional granite restoration team and get your floors looking like new.

Granite Restoration Idea #5: Fix Your Home’s Exterior

granite restoration
Besides the restoration of the granite inside your home, the granite outside needs restoration as well. Since the surface of the granite wall cladding, granite steps, granite tiles, and granite slabs located in your home’s exterior are exposed to the elements constantly, they tend to fade. You can use the services of the professional granite restoration team working on your home’s interior to take care of your home’s exterior too.


Beautiful granite surfaces—inside and outside your home—is a joy to behold. Granite’s original grandeur spruces up your living space. Restoration costs are always just a fraction of replacement costs. More importantly, restorations return your flooring and countertops to their originality. Once the restoration is complete, maintaining the granite surfaces is much simpler.

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