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October 14, 2016
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Beautify a Home with Tile

Beautify a Home with Tile

Tile flooring, backsplash and walls can beautify a home and increase its property value. When contemplating home renovation projects, homeowners should consider how tile can improve the appearance of their property. Tile is long lasting, simple to clean, versatile and comes in numerous shapes, sizes and colors. In the event of damage or discoloration, homeowners can take advantage of tile restoration services in San Diego to restore their flooring like new. Here are just a few ways homeowners can incorporate tiling into their home environment to enhance home appearance and boost property value.


Tile flooring has great esthetic appeal regardless of where it’s placed in a home. By opting for earth tones with matching grout, homeowners can enjoy gorgeous floors that match most any décor. Lighter tile colors make rooms appear more open and spacious; in contrast, darker colors make an area feel warm and cozy. Homeowners can even find tile that has the appearance of hardwood if they prefer that rustic look.


In addition to tiling bathroom floors, homeowners should consider tiling shower/bathtub walls or placing tiles halfway up adjacent walls to give the bathroom a classy touch. Floor borders could be covered with accent tiles to complete the design. The beauty of tile can transform an ordinary bathroom into an elegant environment without investing exorbitant amounts of money.


Adding a backsplash to a bathroom or kitchen is yet another means of upgrading these areas. Infusing tile as a backsplash on a blasé kitchen or bathroom wall will totally alter the room’s appearance. Accent colors will make the backsplash stand out as a focal point whereas subdued colors will blend in with countertops and walls to add depth to the surrounding environment.


Homeowners can upgrade a foyer or home entryway with tile flooring to make a great first impression as visitors enter the home. A beautiful tile design on a foyer wall is sure to catch people’s eye and give them a positive viewpoint of the property.

Tile need not be confined to inside the home. Backyard patios, outdoor kitchen areas and pool decks can also benefit from the beauty of tile flooring. Tile colors and designs can complement outdoor furniture and foliage to round out the décor. Easy maintenance and cleaning makes tile an appropriate choice for outdoor entertainment areas.

With a little imagination, homeowners can use tile to create a truly refined home environment.

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