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January 24, 2017
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Considering Quartz Countertops In A Bathroom Remodel

For many homeowners and designers, natural stone is the gold standard in countertop surface solutions. The beauty of the natural colors and figuring throughout the surface brings interest and a high-end quality to any installation. Over time Quartz countertops are winning over homeowners, business owners, and designers alike. Installing a quartz countertop answers many of the cons on the pro/con list that comes with choosing a natural stone. In addition to this, the advancement of color creation for Quartz is making it a visually appealing choice for homeowners.

Durability Is Important

Along with the beauty of natural stone comes some necessary maintenance and care points that are needed to maintain that beautiful finish. Quartz is a non-porous material that makes it resistant to stains or deterioration. It is often considered to be harder and more durable than granite (one of the most durable natural stone countertop types) and can stand up to nicks, scratches, and chips. Because it is a manufactured product any need for repair can result in an almost invisible fix, restoring the surface to its near-original form. Constructed with a natural material, quartz, this solid surface is created by combining it with minerals and a binding agent. It is an excellent choice for those that like the idea of a natural component to their countertop but need the stain resistance durability that Quartz offers.

Bring In Some Added Style

With a wide variety of colors available, a countertop can be matched to a particular design or color scheme. Because quartz countertops can be created with consistency in both pattern and overall appearance, quartz is the perfect choice for a variety of design styles. For those considering a bathroom remodel in their San Diego home, from a sleek and modern bath to a more traditional space, it can meet the needs of every homeowner’s vision. Due to the inherent durability and non-porous nature, moisture and water damage is not a large concern. For some people, quartz is the perfect design solution for a child’s bathroom or a space that has a lot of water or puddle potential. In additional to this, because Quartz is human-made, the ability to customize a unique countertop is certainly a plus.

Natural stone is an excellent choice for so many applications, yet the capabilities of quartz countertop are becoming a very viable option for innovative and durable design solutions.



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