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October 16, 2016
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Backsplash Ideas to Complement Granite Countertops

Backsplash Ideas to Complement Granite Countertops

Granite counters bring beauty, dependability and practicality to a bathroom or kitchen environment. By combining granite countertops in their San Diego home with an equally attractive backsplash, homeowners can take their kitchen or bathroom to the next level. There are numerous ways homeowners can complement the beauty of granite with a backsplash in their kitchen or bathroom design. Here are just a few.

Reflect a Color in the Granite Counter

Granite comes in an array of natural colors and designs featuring such hues as pink, yellow, green, orange, blue and brown along with black, gray and white. Many countertops use neutral colors as a background with bolder colors creating a pattern or design. By choosing one of the less obtrusive shades in the counter, homeowners can create a complementary backsplash design. Homeowners can highlight any color they desire in the granite by selecting it as a primary color in the backsplash.

Combine Granite with a Totally Different Stone

As granite goes well with almost any other stone, homeowners need not limit themselves to a particular material when creating their backsplash. Counters can be combined with a marble, limestone or slate backsplash that harmonizes with the granite design. Neutral colored counters such as beige, white and gray are easy to match with other natural stones to complement or contrast the current bathroom or kitchen décor.

Diversify Texture of Backsplash

Homeowners can create a distinct bathroom or kitchen setting by diversifying the texture of their backsplash to make it stand out. If the kitchen or bathroom countertop is smooth and polished, the backsplash can be made of rough stone or matte tile to contrast the smooth texture of the granite. Contrasting textures will help create a more balanced kitchen or bath setting.

Add More Color

If a kitchen or bath area has neutral colored counters, homeowners can spice up the area by adding a backsplash with lots of color. Colorful ceramic or glass tiles could be used to create an attractive mosaic backsplash without taking away from the beauty of the granite counters. Colors from the backsplash could be used to set the tone for the entire bathroom by acquiring matching accessories to complete the bathroom design.

By working with a professional home designer or contractor, homeowners can learn more about how to combine granite counters with kitchen or bath backsplash to enhance the beauty of their home.

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