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October 10, 2015
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5 Ways Natural Stone can Transform Your Bathroom, Guest Baths, Master Showers, Vanity Tops and Shower Surrounds

transform your bathroom

During the last five decades, the evolution that the bathroom has undergone is perhaps dramatic. Many homeowners are virtually transforming their bathrooms into small retreats.

So, upgrading your bathroom need not be a bland chore. You can, in fact, create a lively environment. Simple changes you make will wow your guests. Likewise, you can create a Zen retreat for relaxation after a long day. Detailed here are ways natural stone can transform your bathrooms.

#1: Transform Your Guest Baths

Natural stone tile is invaluable because of its versatility. With an assortment of types, colors, finishes, textures, and styles, natural stone tile presents you countless ways to replace—or rather revolutionize—your bathroom flooring. Additionally, replacing some of your existing bathroom fixtures such as the sink faucet or tub spout will unfailingly have a dramatic effect.

Many types of natural stone tiles are water resistant as well as easy to clean. Plus, a heated underlayment guarantees a luxurious feel as your guests step out of the bath.

Pick from Countless Colors and Textures

Remodeling your guest baths with exquisite natural stone tiles and vanity tops adds style and value to your home. Due to its unrivaled stain-resistance and durability, natural stone is the best material to use in your guest baths. You can pick from the countless colors and textures available to complement any color palette or design scheme of the existing fixtures and cabinetry. From white to black, orange to green, and deep blue to brown, there are natural stone tiles and counters in every imaginable color.

Since bathrooms are places of high moisture and humidity, most synthetic materials will warp or bubble after some years. But natural stone tiles and slabs remain beautiful and functional for decades. Hence, using natural stone in remodeling your guest baths will make certain that your vanity and flooring look great.

The Timeless Beauty of Natural Stone

Each natural stone is different. This unique attribute of each tile adds interest and classic appeal to your guest baths. Natural stone is being used in the construction industry for centuries. And it’ll not go out of vogue any time soon.

Your guests will enjoy the superlative functionality and sophistication that the natural stone tiles and vanity provide them.

Liven Up Your Guest Baths with a Backsplash 

A bold backsplash makes a distinct design statement. Add a bold travertine tile or granite tile design. If you want to give your guest baths added life and dynamism, try out lively, asymmetrical tiles. You’ll create a trendy, cutting-edge contemporary look!

A striking, eye-catching natural stone tile makes your guest baths pop out. Premium black granite tile, for instance, will really stand out. Other striking shades include warm yellow, deep lilac, soft green, and bold cobalt blue. All these tile options add the wow factor to your guest baths.

#2: Transform Your Master Showers

transform your bathroom
Your master bathroom isn’t merely a toilet, sink, bathtub and shower. It’s the place you get away from everything and unwind. You can even soak away your everyday worries with soft music or candlelight. Transforming your master showers entails your feet touching a naturally warm surface after your shower. And you access bath linens easily too.

The transformation should also enable you to just step up to your vanity top with a sink and pour water without splashing. The convenience doesn’t end here! Your cabinets contain all the appliances you need—already plugged in. All these conveniences are indispensable when you’re in a hurry. And with the water temperature pre-programmed, you just hop into your shower.

Your master bathroom design gives equal importance to functionality and relaxation. Today, master bathrooms and dressing rooms are being designed simultaneously. So, you should make the requisite space allowances. The dressing room can serve as the entryway to your master bath.

Questions and considerations to contemplate as you dream up your master showers include:

  • How many people will use the master showers at the same time (for instance, during rush hour)?
  • Do you intend to include a dressing room?
  • Do you favor a bathtub strongly?
  • Is your bathroom large enough?
  • What are the existing features in your master bathroom that you’d like to remove?
  • What new features you’d like to add?
  • Which areas in your master bathroom need better lighting?
  • What color scheme do you favor?
  • What kind of storage you’d like to add?

#3: Transform Your Bathroom with Premium Natural Stone Vanity Tops

transform your bathroom
Natural stone vanity tops are the ideal choice for your bathroom. They’re resistant to heat, moisture, and stains. But inexpensive synthetic materials are easily damaged by prolonged exposure to moisture. Besides, curling irons can cause permanent damage. Natural stone vanity tops eliminate these problems.

Whether you opt for a new granite vanity top or a custom marble vanity top, the installation is a breeze. You can also fabricate a stunning travertine vanity top. Just find the right natural stone installer with the capability of executing the most intricate bathroom projects.

The Focal Point

A vanity top is the focal point in your bathroom. It offers functionality as well as a way of expressing your décor style. Bathroom vanity tops come in an assortment of configurations such as a single sink, double sink, curved front, wall-hung, and corner. So, when you pick a vanity, consider these points:

  • Which natural stone is the perfect fit for your bathroom?
  • Do you intend to match the base with the top yourself? Or else, do you prefer an assembled vanity?
  • What’s the height of the vanity top? (34 inches is the norm for adults; it’s slightly lesser for children)
  • What’s the quantum of storage you need?

Vanity Styles

When you’re buying a vanity, consider the other elements in your bathroom. The key to designing a bathroom you love lies in using a combination of accessories and materials that result in your unique style. There’s no fun in imitation!

Consider the style and color of your vanity top. Also check its ability to resist staining, chipping, and scratching. Since vanity tops tend to overhang cabinets on all the four sides, make certain you compensate for this extra depth and width when you measure.

Some more benefits of a natural stone vanity top (after it’s sealed properly) include:

  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Countless color options

#4: Transform Your Shower Surrounds

transform your bathroom
Pick a shower surround with an objective to transform your bathroom into an oasis. Pick a professional who has executed dozens of shower surround projects right from the design stage. If your bathroom is too tiny, you can choose not to enclose your shower area. The installation of natural stone shower surrounds highlights your décor taste and style.

A custom bathroom delivers added comfort. It adds tremendous value to your home as well. Natural stone is the finest material for your shower surrounds because it’s durable, attractive, and doesn’t demand everyday maintenance.

Trust natural stone to give that luxurious feel. Besides shower surrounds, you can use it in flooring, walls and ceiling for that elegant look. Natural stone shower surrounds offer you handcrafted quality and lasting style. You can transform your bath area into a space that stays stunning for decades.

The shower enclosure you pick has a huge impact on the appearance of your shower surrounds. So, pick the shower enclosure material, style, and other elements carefully. The shower enclosure should suit your bathroom functionally. And it should match your taste and preferences too.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

In contemporary bathrooms, frameless glass enclosures are extremely popular. The simple and transparent look presents your bathroom a spacious appearance. The beauty of your shower surrounds is enhanced.

If your bathroom is sufficiently large, you can opt for a continuous, frameless shower enclosure to include your bathtub as well. You can add a simple space divider in the center. This option makes your bathroom look and feel spacious.

If your bathroom isn’t big enough to accommodate a shower enclosure, consider placing an oversized statement mirror above your sink. This big mirror positioned on a beautiful tiled wall will capture all the light and make your bathroom appear wider. So, don’t feel restricted by a small bathroom. The right natural stone elements and a little imagination will transform your bathroom. Luxury and function will follow!


Natural stone isn’t man-made. It’s formed over millions of years. Therefore, no two tiles or slabs are identical. Even natural stone tiles from the same box will vary subtly in veining, shading, and color. That’s because of the variations in the amount of fossil deposits. This subtle variation is what pulls homeowners to natural stone products. No other material can deliver this distinctive finish. Examine hundreds of bathroom design layouts and collect dozens of bathroom images that you like. Use these images for inspiration and design your own bathroom. It’s possible to transform your ideas into reality!


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