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5 Tips to Boost Your Home’s Value With Natural Stone

boost your home's value

Natural stone was considered a unattainable luxury until recently. Nevertheless, it has become affordable and accessible to homeowners now. Few other building materials present you the elegance and permanence of natural stone. Natural beauty, durability, originality, quality, and heat retention are just a few benefits of this premium building material. Incorporating natural stone tiles or slabs to your home gives it a sophisticated appearance and boosts its resale value as well. Listed here are some tips to boost your home’s value with natural stone.

Tip #1: Invest in Your Kitchen

boost your home's value
Since the kitchen is the most valued space in your home, it’s worthwhile investing in it. A remodeled kitchen that appears brand new makes your home more appealing to buyers and adds value to it as well. Natural stone will undoubtedly bring your kitchen to life. You can use the tile format on your floor and walls or use the slab format as a worktop material. You could use both these formats of natural stone in your kitchen to boost the value of your home. If your kitchen is already brand new, you can still consider adding natural stone because it fills up the missing “element” in your home.

Tip #2: Use Natural Stone in Your Bathrooms

boost your home's value
Other than the kitchen, the bathrooms in your home are high traffic areas. The possibilities of using natural stone in your bathrooms are endless. Shower seats, accents, counters, and inlays are the most common uses of natural stone in renovated, as well as, new bathrooms. A new bathroom complete with natural stone adornments certainly boosts the value of your home. Like your kitchen, your bathrooms are a house seller too, and natural stone presents any bathroom the wow factor. Belgian Bluestone, Onyx, and Marble are the premium materials you can use in your bathrooms. Inexpensive options include Travertine Limestone, Slate, and Sandstone.

Tip #3: Add a New Conservatory to Your Home or Renovate the Existing One

boost your home's value
A remodeled or new conservatory adds value to your home. Natural stone looks stunning when correctly laid. And in your conservatory, there are several practical reasons to use it. If your conservatory faces north, it will perhaps require heating. Since natural stone retains heat, it works superbly in conjunction with under-floor heating.

Tip #4: Natural Stone Worktops and Vanities Boost Your Home’s Value

boost your home's value
Although natural stone worktops are perceived as a luxury, they are often less expensive than composite. When you weigh the durability of a natural stone worktop, it actually represents good value for your money. A natural stone worktop highlights the beauty of nature with striking varieties of natural colors. This timeless stone adds an unrivaled and unique personality to your home décor. With the countless collection of natural colors to pick from, it’s easy to complement any color scheme to match your home perfectly. The grandeur of natural stone worktops and vanities can be copied but never equaled.

Tip #5: Incorporate Natural Stone Floors and Walls in Your Home

boost your home's value
Natural stone flooring and walls definitely add value to your home. You can use natural stone throughout your home. Its exceptional heat retaining property delivers both practical and esthetic value. Nothing compares to the matchless natural beauty and elegance of natural stone flooring and walls. Natural stone stairways and furniture are unquestionably instant home sellers.


Any shrewd investor knows that it’s wise to make the right home improvements to boost the value of their home. When you incorporate natural stone intelligently in your home improvements, the value of your home shoots up quickly.

Other than the tips suggested above, you can work on the exterior of your home including new siding, swimming pool, and landscaping to enhance your “curb appeal.” Finishing your basement delivers good returns too. In addition, many people struggle to pay for all this. If you’re in San Diego, consider looking the pawn shop San Diego has grown to love. They will help you convert things you don’t use into cash so you can pay for your natural stone finishings.

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