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5 Tips to Boost the Resale Price of Your Home with Granite

resale price of your home

Whether you’ve lived in your home for many years or just bought it, the swiftest way to boost the resale price of your home with granite is by making a plan. You will fare much better if the upgrades in your home are intentional and not made on an impulse. Home remodeling projects cost you 20–25 cents on the dollar. The remainder 75–80 cents you spend return directly to your home through increased value. Use these tips to boost the resale price of your home and savor the rewards when it’s time to sell your home.

Tip #1: Upgrade Your Kitchen

For a potential buyer, your kitchen is the room that makes or breaks the sale. A remodeled, attractive kitchen makes your home irresistible. Your kitchen renovation guarantees a 70 percent return on your investment when you sell out. But you need to be careful about how much you spend. It’s safe to spend 6–10 percent of your total home value and expect fair returns.

The durability, beauty, and easy maintenance of granite make it a superlative material to use in upgrading your kitchen. Although granite is undoubtedly a premium stone, granite tile is a cost-effective alternative to granite slab. Granite tile is also more versatile than granite slab. If you’re budget conscious, you can use granite tiles for your kitchen floor and backsplash. And you can use granite tiles for your countertop instead of the more expensive, single granite slab. A granite slab countertop, however, remains popular for its conventional durability and good looks. Depending on the quality of granite you choose, the cost ranges from $700 to $1800 per square meter installed. If you need just a small quantity of granite stone for your kitchen, try looking for remnants. You’ll find a great deal!

Design Considerations: Although granite tiles do produce splendid results, you need to consider some design aspects. Natural variations in granite grains and colors may look interesting in smaller tiles. But in 12-inch tiles, the design mismatch may be stark, and your kitchen remodeling work can give a poorly executed appearance. The same holds true for your backsplash too.

Another concern with your backsplash is where exactly it should start and end. Your backsplash fills the gaps between your countertops and appliances and the upper cabinets. Tiling the walls beyond your backsplash is overkill. Since granite tile is an extremely bold material, try to use it on only one kind of surface—flooring, backsplash or countertop. Alternatively, you could use granite tile sparingly on a second surface as well. For instance, you could tile your entire kitchen floor with granite, but combine granite tile with some other material on your backsplash. You could also tile only the center island but exclude other countertops.

Tip #2: Beautify Your Bathroom

resale price of your home
The investment return on your bathroom remodel could be as high as 90 percent if you plan it properly. You can use granite in diverse places to transform your bathroom into the very haven of your dreams. However, you should upgrade carefully. Don’t rush into any upgrade assuming that all your bathroom remodels are almost free. Your return, of course, depends on all the features you select. Endeavor to create a dream bathroom that will captivate potential buyers. Conversely, if you create a bathroom that you love, there’s a chance that it may not appeal to potential buyers. Weigh the positives and negatives of your specific bathroom project carefully before you embark on it.

Consider upgrading your cabinet doors and installing new vanity tops to enhance your bathroom beautifying experience. Granite enables you to bring in more elegance, durability, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness. Granite is the perfect material for your shower and bathtub walls. The added luster makes your bathroom really stand out. When done right, use of granite in your bathroom remodeling will make your friends and potential buyers turn green with envy!

Granite Slabs: Although granite tile is the most compelling application for luxury shower walls, there’s also been an increase in the trend of granite slab installations. The intensive labor involved and the prohibitive cost of granite slabs don’t make them the first choice, though. However, if you want a beautiful, seamless appearance in your bathroom, you should pick granite slabs for your shower walls. With the right resources, it’s easy to clean both granite tiles and granite slabs in your shower. But cleaning granite showers necessitates maintaining a good everyday cleaning habit.

Granite Countertops: Granite countertop is a natural choice in your bathroom. Contemporary and clean, granite vanity tops exude style and class. They’re durable because they’re hard as a rock and have a characteristic organic beauty as well. And the benefits don’t stop here: Granite is heat resistant, and if you seal it properly, it’s easy to maintain. Granite tiles and vanity tops are available in a broad range of textures and colors. However, if you choose an oversized vanity top, you’ll need extra support.

Tip #3: Remodel Your Bedroom with Granite

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If you want to understand the home market dynamics better, speak to real estate professionals. Find out about the bedroom must-haves in your neighborhood. Understand the features that attract buyers and the ones that repel them. Research what’s being sold the most by real estate folks in your area. It could be a simple wall color that’s important. Sometimes it could be the texture of the floor.

Go for Granite: Regardless of the price bracket of your home, potential buyers want to see granite in your bedroom. So, if you pick a natural stone such as pulverized quartz, select a “pattern” that seems like granite. Consider the price tag when you opt for granite. You need not pick the most obscure, premium slab. Check around. You’ll find some great company that offers mind-boggling specials, especially on premium-tier granite. But remember that granite is granite regardless of the tier your chosen granite belongs to.

Transform Your Master Bedroom Into a Retreat: It isn’t a difficult project—definitely not as intricate as you might assume. You don’t have to make major modifications, tear down your bedroom walls, or build a patio. For a better return on the money you spend, try out wall sconces and recessed lighting. Lighting guarantees to change the whole ambiance of your bedroom. It’ll make your master bedroom more appealing even when the room layout isn’t altered. Recessed lighting with dimmers creates an ambiance that boosts the value of your home.

Granite Flooring: Granite is undoubtedly at the top of the upgrade spectrum. When the flooring of your bedroom is more resilient and long lasting, your ROI is higher. Granite flooring options boost the resale price of your home. The price of granite tiles varies from $1 to $20 and beyond per sq ft. But you have to factor in the installation charges too.

Tip #4: Enhance Your Curb Appeal with Reclaimed Granite Paver

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The reclaimed granite paver driveway that leads to your home takes curb appeal to an entirely new level. It makes a huge first impression. Reclaimed granite paver for your driveway gives a certain degree of elegance to your home, well before a potential buyer steps inside.

From a design standpoint, the reclaimed granite paver is perhaps one of the best looking and sturdiest material for a stone driveway. These elegant stones have a rugged split face surface, an inbuilt patina, and sport marks from years of use. Reclaimed granite paver slabs are most often reused in a 5–6” thickness. They are also sawn down to a standard thickness of 3”.

Although reclaimed granite pavers look fine on their own, you can combine them with antique cobblestones to make a powerful statement! You can use large irregular pieces of granite in your reclaimed stone driveway. It’s also possible to combine granite steppers and herringbone bricks in your reclaimed stone driveway.

Granite pavers are visually more appealing. And they have the clear advantage of lasting much longer than decomposed granite, concrete, asphalt, or manufactured pavers. Old reclaimed granite cobblestone, especially the beautiful Historic European Cobblestone imported from Europe, looks splendid, needs no sealant, and requires only the simplest of maintenance!

Tip #5: Update Your Patio

resale price of your home
When updating your patio, choose natural materials that withstand extreme weather conditions, look stunning in an outdoor environment, and necessitate minimal maintenance. In this case, granite beats other contenders easily. Granite is an exceptionally durable natural stone that resists scratches and extreme temperatures. Additionally, you can modify granite slabs to fit an assortment of outdoor applications.

Use Granite in the Grilling Area of Your Patio: Since granite handles the heat and splatters of outdoor cooking superbly, it’s the number one choice for your grilling area. Its availability in numerous color variations and styles gives you countless options to choose from. The right granite shade and pattern complements brick exteriors and fixtures, stainless steel grill, or wood deck perfectly. If you grill frequently, add a granite backsplash to safeguard your patio walls.

Spruce Up Your Patio: Use a single granite slab as the top and set up a nice outdoor table. The weight and elegance of granite adds a natural green feel to your outdoor dining experience. Create a seamless flow amid your custom patio set by designing the table legs with the identical material as your deck furniture. You can also use a granite slab to create a bench seating. For best results, seal your granite fixtures regularly.

Create an Outdoor Countertop: Granite slabs work well in outdoor spaces even if you don’t cook much outside. With its dazzling color palette, natural beauty, and low maintenance, Granite is the number one material to use in outdoor spaces. Granite fits in perfectly with most contemporary exterior design trends.


Invest in your home now. You’ll never regret it! The value you create will multiply in time. You’ll enjoy the upgrades even if you don’t intend to sell your home soon. These upgrades are guaranteed to add value to your everyday life. Besides, these upgrades will make your home more competitive against the competition.

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