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4 Exciting Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade Ideas

4 Exciting Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade Ideas

Kitchen cabinets improve the appearance of the kitchen, have a huge impact on the room’s overall style, and of course, provide storage space. Because they serve so many purposes, it’s important to take care when it’s time to refresh them or add new ones. Here are some ideas to consider for kitchen cabinets in San Diego:

Add More Cabinets

Many kitchens start out with just one or two rows of cabinets. These are typically arranged above and below the counter that contains the sink. Over time, they can become too full to store everything that needs a place. This is when it’s a good idea to have more put in.

Two methods are commonly used to add cabinet space without having the new cupboards look out of place. The first is to add another counter, either joining the original to form an L-shaped space or on the opposite wall. The second is to put in a kitchen island that includes plenty of cabinets underneath its counter. Either one of these will present an expected kitchen design while adding plenty of functional storage area.

Change the Cabinet Faces and Drawer Fronts

Sometimes, the physical properties of existing cabinets are just fine, but the decor is dated. This is the perfect time to go for cabinet refacing. Switch out dark wooden door and drawer veneers for lighter, more modern alternatives. Turn old Formica-faced cabinets into wooden ones. The possibilities for modernization are endless when it comes to cosmetic work.

Add Extra Functionality to Existing Cabinets

The standard cabinet design is simple: Two or three fixed shelves reside behind the door. This is okay, but it also isn’t spectacular. Take out some of the shelving and replace it with baskets that slide out when pulled. It’ll be far easier to get to stored items. Add a spice rack to the outside of a cabinet door for tasteful, instant-access storage of small bottles and cans.

Completely Replace Old Cabinets

Sometimes, old cabinets are simply worn out. The basic box of the cabinet may have a bowed floor and shelves, while the visible aspects are far beyond their prime. That’s when it’s time to replace the old ones entirely. This shouldn’t be seen as using “the nuclear option.” Instead, think of it as a chance to finally get the perfect cabinets. Talk to a designer before the project starts to ensure that everything will be exactly right.

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