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3 Ways To Use Wall Tile In Your Bathroom Remodel

3 Ways To Use Wall Tile In Your Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel is a great opportunity to consider adding or removing wall tile to change the design of a space. The style, the feel, and the level of design can be transformed by how much tile is incorporated into a redesign. Many homeowners use a remodel as a way to examine if they like the look of the tile that is already utilized in a bathroom and whether or not they want to add or subtract wall tile from their design plan.

Wall to Wall Tile

A bathroom that extends the wall tile beyond the shower or sink surround, and covers most or all of the walls in a space can create is luxurious and high-end look. Wall tile can include using the same material that is used for flooring for a seamless look or incorporate a new finish or pattern on the wall for variation and visual interest. Some homeowners enjoy this look because of the added style as well as the practical application of waterproof surfaces throughout the space. Because of this, condensation or splashing is often not a concern for bathrooms with wall to wall tile.

Feature Wall

For those that like the look of tile but do not want to commit to covering the entirety of a bathroom, there is the option of creating a feature wall. This creates a great focal point in any bathroom and can consist of decorative tile installed around the tub or shower area, or even tiling above and bellow a sink or countertop. Creating a feature wall is a great opportunity to play with tile finishes, textures, or decorative elements. Many San Diego homeowners completing a bathroom remodel, take this design opportunity to incorporate hand-painted tiles, natural stone, or even glass tiles in their space.

Minimal Tile

In a bathroom remodel, removing or reducing the amount of wall tile can transform the space and create a relaxed style. Adding wall tile specifically for the practical needs of waterproofing a shower, tub, or sink surround can create a classical or homey feel. Many people enjoy having minimal wall tile to incorporate paint, wood accents, and artwork in their bathroom. Often, using a minimal amount of tile is an opportunity to design with higher-end materials or decorative accents because there is less quantity that is needed, and it can fit within many design budgets.

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