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3 Reasons Why Bathroom Remodel May be Needed in a Home

3 Reasons Why Bathroom Remodel May be Needed in a Home

Bathrooms play a key role in a home’s decor. Because they’re such a necessity, however, many times they’re taken for granted. Homeowners often put up with an unattractive or dysfunctional bathroom due to lack of vision for improvement. Before agreeing to bathroom remodel in San Diego, homeowners should understand why it’s important and what they can do to get the job done. Here are three reasons why bathroom renovation may be needed in a home.

Unsafe Environment

Once a bathroom becomes an unsafe or unhealthy environment, it’s time to renovate. Leaky faucets, rusted fixtures and water spots on cabinets or walls are warning signs that water damage could exist, making a bathroom a candidate for mold. Mold can pose a risk to a person’s health, especially individuals who suffer from allergies or asthma. A bathroom that lacks safety features for older adults increases the risk of accidents. As seniors grow older, they may need such features as grab bars, larger doorway for walker/wheelchair access or low curb shower. By making these changes, homeowners can create a safer bathroom environment.

Lack of Space

Lack of space can cut into a bathroom’s functionality. As families expand, small bathrooms can outgrow their usefulness due to inadequate space, poor accessibility and limited storage. When a small bathroom no longer meets a family’s needs, renovation is in order. A bathroom renovation project can completely change a bathroom’s layout and design to provide the extra space, mobility, accessibility and storage families need.

Add Value to the Home

A major bathroom upgrade will not only make a home a more desirable environment in which to live but can significantly increase a home’s value. This is a plus in a homeowner’s favor when selling the property. Even if homeowners aren’t planning to sell, remodeling will enhance the environment for personal satisfaction and use. An attractive, stress-free bathroom is more conducive for long, relaxing baths or hot, steamy showers at the end of the day. Bathroom renovations can range from upgrading outdated fixtures and faucets to replacing old counters, adding a new cabinet or vanity or modernizing a bath or shower.

By discussing bathroom remodeling ideas with their contractor, homeowners can get a better idea of what would give their bathroom a fresh new look and improve its functionality. An attractively designed guest bathroom sets a welcoming tone for the whole home.

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