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3 Affordable Ways to Refresh Kitchen Cabinets

3 Affordable Ways to Refresh Kitchen Cabinets

A modern, sleek kitchen is something that many homeowners desire. Unfortunately for those with outdated kitchens, affording a full kitchen renovation can be very difficult. After all, the average kitchen remodel easily costs tens of thousands of dollars. The good news, however, is that there are budget-friendly ways to refresh one’s kitchen without having to completely renovate it from the floorboards up. Specifically, there are a few easy ways to update one’s existing kitchen cabinets in San Diego.

Install New Hardware

A little new hardware goes a long way and is very affordable. New pulls for drawers and knobs for drawers can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of a kitchen space. Consider, for example, modern stainless steel hardware for a sleek look. Or, go for rubbed bronze or copper for a more rustic look. Typically, new hardware can be bought for just a few bucks apiece, and if the new knobs and pulls are the same size, swapping them out won’t take long at all.

Sand and Paint or Stain

For homeowners with wooden cabinets, there are so many opportunities for a new and refreshed look. That’s because wooden cabinets can easily be stripped of their old paint or stain, sanded down, and re-finished with a new paint or stain to achieve a totally new look. This will take a little bit of time and elbow grease, but it costs just a fraction of what it would cost to replace the cabinets altogether. This is generally recommended for cabinets that are still in good shape overall, but could use a new look. Homeowners who refinish their cabinets can also add new hardware for the look of brand new cabinets at a fraction of the price.

Have them Re-Faced

Finally, for those who don’t want to refinish their existing cabinets but don’t want to spend the money on brand new cabinets, there is always the option to have the existing cabinets re-faced. This involves using the bare bones of the old cabinets, but replacing the doors and drawer exteriors for a new look.

These are just a few ideas for refreshing existing kitchen cabinets on a budget. Many homeowners would be surprised to see what a big difference this can make in the overall look and feel of any kitchen space, and how affordable it is as well!

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